The Meta Monsters

Your Halloween costume and ticket to The Monster Mash. Join the madness.


Minting info

Minting on Dropspace

Dropspace Mint Ticket holders will have access to a pre-sale with no gas wars and guaranteed mint. Then it's open season on these ghouls.
Launching on 27th Oct, 2021 at 11am PST.

Amount: 6,666
Price: 0.025 + Gas
No price tiers, no bonding curves.
Amount: 6,666  /  Price: 0.0666
No price tiers, no bonding curves.
 Price: 0.0666
No price tiers, no bonding curves.

Welcome to the Meta Monsters

The Meta Monsters are the attendees of the most terrifyingly wicked party the blockchain has ever seen. Every Halloween, 6666 gals and ghouls get in costume and get together for a night of tricks, treats, mingling, and much more. We call it The Monster Mash.

About the monsters

A Meta Monster is a unique and rare NFT, generated from dozens of terrifying traits. Each is your ticket to the annual Monster Mash—a wicked Halloween party full of exclusive giveaways, content, and more. They’re stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Your Halloween Costume

Your Meta Monster NFT is your way of dressing up for Halloween this year. Let’s put our Punks and Apes to bed early, and get in costume for The Monster Mash—a horrifically wicked party where the creatures of the metaverse live like they’re dead for a night.

Possessed pets

Every Meta Monster will be accompanied by a spooky creature that they'll be able to mint as a separate NFT on the first full moon after Halloween.


Owning a Meta Monsters NFT gives you full rights to the IP, meaning you're free to do whatever you wish with it.

The Monster Mash

Every year on Halloween, the Meta Monsters come out of their graves for a wicked party in the metaverse where they celebrate all that is evil and party like they're dead for a night.


DLMT is an LA-based DJ with a global fan-base. He’s had collabs with Afrojack and other top names and will be playing a LIVE 2-hour set at The Monster Mash.

The ‘I'm Not Sleeping Tonight’ Screening

A scary short film using Meta Monster characters that we'll be screening during The Monster Mash.

Haunted House Party

The most bumping party on Freak Street. Don't know the address? Follow the screams


Play fun mini games all day inside the metaverse where Monsters can compete for giveaway prizes.


We’ve partnered with Steven Schiller who will be livestreaming the event with a screen built inside the Monster Mash metaverse.

Trick or Treat

We’ll be doing giveaways all day in the form of trick or treating, just like the old days.

Meet the team

The DeFi Network is a global team of developers, creatives, marketers, shillers, producers, and more who build products and apps on the blockchain.

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